Therapeutic Crafts

Through out my occupational studies I’ve collected a lot of therapeutic craft ideas. Here are just some of the them:

ADL Project:

Button shirt Color codedButton MazeButton Maze side 2Button Maze stereognosisButton chainsZipper contrasting colorZipper trainerShoe Tying visual aidShoe tying Visual Aid 1Shoe tying Visual Aid 2Shoe Tying visual aid 5LoopersButton hook and pullsPant pulls









Paper towel roll flower

Paper towel roll flower








Paperclip Bingo for hand development







Iggy the Iguana is a great friend to have. Feeding him helps develop the skills necessary for buttoning and other fine motor activities.


img_5111img_5105img_5107 img_5109







Flubber for sensory

Sock Snowman and Paper bag trees

Sock Snowman and Paper bag trees

Octopus Sock

Octopus Sock




Customize your own reusable cup sleeve.

Customize your own reusable cup sleeve.

April 2015
Cup Sleeve 3






















Group Activity Fun:

Handprint Trees

Hand-print Trees








decorating gourds

Decorating Gourds with stickers, glue pompoms and glitter
















Scrap Craft using junk mail with the focus on fine motor, bilateral coordination, figure ground, and many other visual perceptual skills …



Other Great Scrap Craft Ideas: