Back to the begining

In the last several months I’ve decided to dig up some of my work from the past. I went back to the beginning when my passions and studies first started showing themselves. I hunted down my artwork from college. In high school I took mostly designing and beginning freehand drawing classes. Assignment were basically; draw a leaf, draw this person in this pose, make a sunset with these paints. In college my assignments were much broader: fill this paper with any subject(s), but don’t leave any negative space. Another was, make a collage of different images you find using various mediums. My mind started to create using some of the skills I had learned and I came up with some very very interesting pieces! One of my favorites is this one:

I titled it LOVE. SHHHhhh, I actually made this when dating one of my first loves and his name is hidden in the elements. Can you guess what assignment this was? The entire picture was done with Conte crayon… and so began my love with Conte Crayon.