Is it Obsessive?

So I haven’t made any cakes lately, but I did go on a field trip to the Getty with my loving husband and we learned so much about the architecture and landscaping.  It is funny to think, that every little piece of limestone, every tree, flower and all the colors were precisely planned out!  Have you been there?  Did you know that all angles were planned to be 30 degrees of multiple of?  Look at the rows and columns… none of them are curved… all straight lines and all the slabs are divisible by three.  Amazing.  the small tiles are 9 inches, the larger ones are 30 inches, the number of  steps to the Getty, everything was purposefully calculated!  Now that’s what I call obsessive!

Water trough or irrigation?

Sun Dial of Sorts

Then we went in side, and my world was not only shook but woken up and spun around!  So often I fear imperfection.  I hesitate to put that paint brush in the paint and start making strokes on yet another canvas.  Yet looking at these great artists and their work makes me realize, they were a little afraid too!  DId you know Monet was more then likely obsessive compulsive?  He would continually paint and repaint the same subject 30 times or more.  Or that Van Gough probably had manic depression?  Have you looked closely at the works of Leonardo DeVinci?  All of them kept trying to recreate reality, yet their art spoke worlds to us with it’s emotion, not it’s accuracy!

So, now I’ve decided… I MUST put that paint brush on that canvas and just let out the emotions that I feel in the things I see.  SO what if it isn’t as perfect as a picture.  So what if it isn’t how someone else sees it.  IT is ART and it is suppose to tell a story, give an emotion, transend the world I see into a world I create.

Over the next couple weeks, I hope to put up lots of tests!  Lots of drawing just to get the art flowing again!  I hope you like it, but if you don’t… oh well… lol… It won’t make a difference to me.  I’m just getting started again and I”m not stopping for anyone 🙂  So I might try and be a little obsessive with my art, just a little bit until I feel the groove coming back again.  Or then again, maybe I’ll never stop!

3 Comments on “Is it Obsessive?

  1. You go, honey!!! I can’t wait to see what your creative spirit comes up with. As for the impressionist stuff at the Getty, perhaps Morty Seinfeld had it right: they were just nearsighted and painting without their glasses… 🙂