Dinosaurs by request… oh and a volcano just to top things off!

Check it out!  My friend and I got a little creative and decided to help out our pastor and his wife by making one of their son’s a birthday cake.  The only request he had was that their be lots and lots of dinosaurs.  So once we got those covered we put our heads together  and asked what else is a do little boys like?  and of course the answer was DIRT. lots of DIRT so we added the dirt with a little explosive element, a volcano, for good measure.  We made this with 24 cupcakes, one 6 inch round, and the top of a cupcake mold cake pan.    See what you think?  Did we do a good job?  Tomorrow we find out for sure if boys go wild for this and gobble it all up!

Dinosaurs and a volcano by request!